Safety Theme Awareness Month Jun 16, 2022

Security accident is the turning point of the fate of every enterprise's survival and development,and it is also a heavy blow to the happiness of every family.

Behind every safety accident, there are lessons of blood and tears,Risk is everywhere. Sometimes,A reminder, a sign, an investigation, and a drill, we may be able to save the day.

This month is the safety production publicity month. JADEVER scale organizes all employees to watch the publicity video to improve everyone's safety awareness and create a safe enterprise together.

What we can do to ensure safe production?

"First-in-command" fulfills the mission of safety,take the first responsibility

Improve the implementation of safety production responsibility system

Strengthen security risk management and control

Improve hazard identification ability

Improve the construction of enterprise safety culture

Preventing troubles before they happen, eliminating troubles

Only when you know your responsibilities can you fulfill your responsibilities,Let's stay safe together.

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